My Lovely Boy Toy

As many of you have noticed, I am a man magnet. *smirks* I mean, can you blame them? Look at me in all my hotness. What man in their right mind could resist me?

I digress… My Boy Toy… Bill is not the Vampire I expected to fall victim to the hotness and allure that is Claude Crane.

I seem to be having some sort of effect on him, since he just e-mailed me these scandalous pictures to enjoy.

*snickers* I’m not sure the boa was such a good idea.

Unfortunately, as sexy as it is to see your mouth on my doodle, this outfit makes you look fat.

*smh* Seriously, you look as if you took fashion advice from Talbot.

*fae growl* Oh yes… this is the one. Wear this next time and I will make you scream my name all night.

Written by Claude Crane