Community pimping: LiveJournal launches interest pages

There’s a whole other world of RP beyond Twitter. It can just be hard to find and even harder to break into. Fortunately, LiveJournal is helping those seeking to broaden their role-playing horizons out, as well as those just trying to connect with folks sharing similar interests, by introducing Interest Pages.

“LiveJournal is like no other destination on the web,” said Anjelika Petrochenko, General Manager of LiveJournal, U.S. “Our users forge deep friendships with people they would never have met based on common interests. We have tens of thousands of active communities, with hundred of new communities added daily. Inspired by a spirit of creative collaboration, our users come together from all corners of  the globe to share their thoughts through photography, writing, artwork and more. Interest pages will help our users discover new communities and make friends based on shared passions and pursuits.”

Interest pages aggregate public posts in active communities from the more than 21 million LiveJournal users around the world and organizes them based on interest. Intended to function as mini-destination sites, each Interest Page contains a dynamic feed of recent public posts, featured entries and communities, an interest-based search tool and a poll.

Visitors and LiveJournal members can view a steady stream of public posts on thousands of communities. Some of the active preternatural communities RPers and fans can discover through Interest pages include:

The Interest Pages make it easier to locate communities and, to some extent, other users, role players may want to interact with. Easier, not easy. You’re still going to have to sort through a lot of extraneous material before you find the company you want to keep. Also, keep in mind that many long form role players, including those on LiveJournal, feel their form of role play is superior to the abbreviated, one-line RP that is found on Twitter. The good news is there are some truly excellent role-players and RP opportunities available on both!