Auditions at Fangtasia

Last night’s Fangtasia Dancer Auditions were interesting to say the least. Hosting the auditions were Fangtasia owners, Eric Northman and Pam de Beaufort.

First up was Alexander Skarsgard, who bore a striking resemblance to Mr. Northman himself. Reeking of booze and perhaps several days without bathing, he hopped onto the stage to strut his stuff.

Following that drunken excursion was local Merlotte’s waitress Katie Green who worked the stage like the boss that she is. Her moves were so enticing it left the Vamps a little long in the tooth.

Next up was the new parents themselves, Aubrey Armani and John Quinn. Their music choice seemed a bit odd, “No Love” by Eminem. Aubrey took center stage and while her dancing left much to be desired, her true calling as a rapper came to light, while Quinn remained awkward and off to the side of the stage.In fact, he spent a good bit of time staring at Eric, to the point Pam asked him to “Quit eye fucking my Maker”.

Others who auditioned are Sookie Stackhouse, Lani LeFerve and Laura Reese. The night culminated  as a beautiful woman who was speaking broken English approached the owners.

While Pam escorted the other dancers from the club, the young woman (known only as Yvetta) was seen following Eric down into the basement for a “private audition”.