DRAGONEYESEVEN’s Cool All Day: Steampunk filk or…?

Somewhere, sometime in the future, or maybe it’s the past…heck it could even be today, the members of DRAGONEYESEVEN are looking for their Prince. In the middle of a war, they’ve infiltrated an Amazon-like village called Smash All Day on Planet 7. And that’s where worlds (and musical styles) collide in the post-apocalyptic battle between the Amazonian Punks and the (musical) Misfits.

Anyone that has ever changed the world was a Misfit,” DRAGONEYESEVEN founder 7 says. “Misfits are the ones that change the world.”

It’s hard to say whether “Cool All Day” the first single from DRAGONEYESEVEN’s upcoming album is going to change the world. It certainly brings a new palette of musical mixes and influences to 2011.

“Cool All Day” is a seductive and eclectic sculpture of sound from a musical group formed to “shake things up” according to 7. And the sound of this single is definitely a shaken, not stirred, mix of rock, punk and blues that pushes musical boundaries. Think Led Zeppelin meets James Brown and top it with some Red hot Chili Peppers.

But, as Billy Joel says “You can’t get the sound from some story in a magazine…” So here’s the just released video of “Cool All Day” from DRAGONEYESEVEN….


On 11 April, 2011 DRAGONEYESEVEN launches an online sci-fin mini-series titled DE7. It will air on the band’s website dragoneyeseven.com.

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