Animated Swedes don’t like Tara on True Blood

Swedes are trendy, thanks to Askars and IKEA. Like all trends, them seem wonderful but, when you scratch the surface, are far from perfect. Take Lunki and Sika, two animated Swedish comedians who recently published their Top Ten Most Annoying TV Characters. And who should come in at Number 4 but True Blood’s own Tara Thornton?

Tara Thornton at Merlottes
Tara at Merlottes

They don’t even have a good reason for not liking Tara. They just “…hate her. So much.”

It’s true that True Blood‘s Tara isn’t exactly what Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse Chronicles/Southern Vampire Mysteries novels, envisioned. Harris describes (Club Dead, p. 60) Tara as having “…dark hair and eyes and olive skin.” So the hair and eyes match but no one is going to describe the Tara from True Blood as being olive-skinned. At the end of True Blood Season 3 the TV Tara’s hair finally catches up, sort of, with the pageboy the book Tara is described as wearing in Living Dead in Dallas (book #2). Of course, in the TV series Tara’s hairstyle is the result of the kind of self-mutilation that is often seen in victims of abuse or rape. TV Tara has definitely been abused.

Physical differences aside, the two Tara’s are very different characters. Both are good friends with Sookie, but the similarities end there. In the books Tara is a successful and independent business woman, the owner of Tara’s Togs, not a bartender at Merlotte’s. Tara also isn’t Lafayette’s cousin nor does she have a crush on Jason.

Do these differences make True Blood‘s Tara less likable or more annoying?

Yes and no. Lafayette has proven to be a very popular character for True Blood and one they wisely did not kill off as happened in the books. And arguably the strength and will to survive that Harris describes Tara as having have been evident in the TV series albeit in different ways. In other words, if you liked Harris’ Tara, it’s easy to see that the liberties taken by True Blood could be irritating. If, on the other hand you haven’t read the books…is the Tara on True Blood annoying anyway?

Maybe. But that doesn’t make her one of the most annoying characters on television, especially without any explanation at all.

Let us hear from you: Is Tara on True Blood annoying? Why or why not? Also, since most of the Twitter RP Taras are based on the show and not the books, does that make them annoying too?