There’s a Twitter app for that…

Twitter has made news recently by cutting off access to some third party clients, most notably UberSoc. During that upheaval, Twitter stated they deny access to hundreds of third-party applications everyday. Which begs the question…just how many third-party Twitter apps are there and where can we find them?

Locomu has the answer.

Locomu is a new Twitter app directory launched in March. This vast collection of application makes it reasonably easy to search for the latest and most popular third-party Twitter apps. Part search engine and part catalog, users can search through or just browse hundreds of apps in 40 different categories and across 23 different platforms.

In addition to categories and platforms, Locomu also classifies apps by more esoteric criteria including Featured, Top Free, Top Paid and What’s New. The Featured section displays the most useful and popular application chosen by the site. Top Free and Top Paid, as their names imply, present the most useful and popular free and paid applications. The apps most recently added to Locomu can be found in the What’s New section.

It doesn’t stop there, either. Locomu rates all the third-party Twitter tools and services, presenting their features as well as any drawbacks and benefits they offer. And users don’t have to take the word of some faceless tech reviewer they will never meet. Locomu allows users to vote and post their views on individual apps.

“It keeps Twitter application lovers informed with all the latest Twitter third-party apps and tools,” states Mrs. Arora, Co-founder of Locomu.

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