When True Blood Fandom Goes Too Far

A Wisconsin man has taken a plea bargain, which includes thirty days in a detention facility and three years of probation. His offense: biting the neck of a three-year old he was babysitting, several times. The mother of the young boy, returned home to find three bruises on the child’s neck.

While being investigated, Adams admitted to leaving the marks on the child. He claimed they “were goofing around, wrestling and nuzzling”. Upon further interrogation, the detectives were disturbed to learn that Adams admitted to wanting to consume the young boy’s blood after watching HBO’s “True Blood”.

This case is disturbing in its own right. A grown man, “nuzzling” or “biting” a young boy’s neck in hopes to consume his blood? One can only wonder just how far this man would have proceeded things, had the mother not returned home. Or if she’d failed to notice or question the marks and allowed him further access to her child. Another disturbing factor is the charge itself. Adams pleaded no contest to a felony child abuse charge.

There have been cases throughout the decades of people who lose their sense of reality and perspective upon the belief of Vampires and/or Satan. One of the most notable is the murder of a Florida man and his wife in the mid 90’s.

In 1996, a group of five teenagers involved in a western Kentucky cult called “The Vampire Clan”, were arrested in Louisiana for the murder of Richard and Noama Wendorf. While the murder itself showed no signs of any vampiric or santanic rituals, all five teens claimed to be Vampires. All admitted to their involvement in consuming blood from one and another and one even claimed to be of demonic descent with the ability to talk to spirits.

It is because of cases such as the five teenagers mentioned above and others that leave much to be concerned about the public’s reaction to this case. Our society has been known to place blame on the entertainment industry when such crimes are committed. Does this mean HBO and the creators of the show,  have to worry about an uprising that may occur over this incident? One can only hope this will not be the case.

The child in question was exposed to a TV show by an adult whose care he was entrusted to. The show is rated TV-MA and even states the program contains: violence, nudity, adult content, and adult language. One can only hope that the only uprising that comes to pass over this is towards the offender and not the show in which he idolized. Though, perhaps the justice system in Wisconsin should be called into question for its inability to pass a stiffer sentence or offer to provide the help required to a clearly disturbed man.