To Close the Door… Or Not

Things have been heating up in Faery these past few months. A struggle for power and control between Niall Brigant and Breandan has been widely known over the past few decades.

The reason for this conflict: the fate of Fae interaction with the Human Realm.

Possible outcome: shutting off Faery from the Human Realm, permanently.

Breandan, one of the two remaining Water Fae Princes, supports the belief that the Fae should be confined to their own realm. He and his supports are against interbreeding between the two species and claims the decline in Fae numbers over the centuries is due, not to the low fertility rate, but to mating with humans and producing half-blooded Faes.

The Fae produced from these unions are at a loss. Belonging neither to the Fae Realm nor the Human Realm, they are forced to straddle the lines between both. In Faery’s social caste system, they are beneath those of pure blood, with the women at the lowest point on the proverbial totem pole.

Niall and his supporters hope to maintain a connection between the realms. His appreciation for the Human Realm evident in his many business ventures, including several medical development corporations. Known for his love of human, one is not surprised to learn that Niall is father to a set of half-blood Faes, Fintan and Dermot. Fintan, who was a favorite of Niall’s was recently killed, though the details surrounding his death are still vague.

Will the death of the Sky Prince’s favorite son lead to an all out civil war between the Fae? Or is this just the beginning?

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