The Divided Ranks

Trouble is abound in the Fae Realm. The tension over the big “Close Off Faery” debate have left both sides strained.

Rumor has it the Water Fae may have a coup d’état in the works. It’s been several weeks since Water Fae Prince, Breandan has been seen or heard from. Has something happened to this great leader and if so why hasn’t his companions, Lochlan and Neave reported anything?

Who would have motive to try and attack Breandan? The list of plausible suspects isn’t exactly a short one.

Top of the list would be Breandan’s uncle, Niall Brigant, Prince of the Sky Fae. Issues between these two are widely known through out Faery. Following the death of his father, Rogan, Breandan quickly rose to power and made his opposition to Niall’s views clear.

Another possible suspect would be Kieran, the only other Water Fae Prince. Kieran, the last of his family line, has always been one of Breandan’s biggest supporters. What could cause him to turn against him? Sole control over the Water Fae? Or perhaps his known fixation on Kayley Marie. Half-blood and Known traitor amongst her own, Breandan would not support the idea of Kieran being involved with the young Faeling.

Perhaps it was Prince Niall’s wife, Branna Brigant. Rumor is she and Breandan have been having a secret love affair these past few months. Could a lover’s quarrel have led to his demise?

The finally set of prime suspects are Breandan’s own lovers and companions, Neave and Lochlan. These feisty and evil Faes have been riding on Breandan’s coattails for decades. Perhaps the twins seized the opportunity to flip the switch and take matters into their own hands. Though much can’t be gained from this act, the normal behaviors would indicate that it isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility.

What has happened to the beloved and feared Prince? Has he met his end and departed to the Summerlands? Or is he out there, somewhere, plotting?

We’ll keep you up-to-date as more details arise.