Bewitching Love

Local sweetheart and all American boy, Hoyt Foytenberry has fallen for yet another supe. The residents of Bon Temps were shocked to learn that Hoyt had begun dating obnoxious baby Vamp, Jessica Hamby. Though many speculate this was a case of glamor.

Appalled by her son’s choice, Maxine Fortenberry was quoted saying, “Hoyt’s Daddy would be turning in his grave if he knew about his son seeing a dead girl.”

Though they made an adorable couple, this romance was short-lived. It’s end culminated when Jessica moved to Dallas to be under the care of former Sheriff of Area 9, Godric. Unwilling to leave his home, family and friends, Hoyt was left with no choice but to end things with baby Vamp.

In lieu of things ending with his first ever girlfriend, Hoyt caught the attention of Holly Cleary, local barmaid, single mom and witch?

As quickly as things are moving between Hoyt and Holly, one can only wonder, what has Holly done to get Hoyt under her spell?

Of course the idea of placing one under a love spell is absurd, but is it truly impossible? Then again, as we have learned, in Northern Louisiana, nothing is impossible. Could poor sweet Hoyt be the victim of a witch’s spell? Furthermore, what does the witch have in store for Hoyt? Ideas of human sacrifices come to mind and one can only hope Hoyt will be able to break the spell and see the light of day.