Fashion spotlight: Pam

We all recognize Pam as the more fashionable resident of the Shreveport crew. From her leather dresses to her gorgeous pumps, this sassy vampire has style that I, for one, can appreciate.

These two dresses are strikingly similar. In both selections, her chest is covered with a cut out, showing her cleavage. Let’s face it, her boobs look perfect enough to make any straight girl a total lesbian. Out of the two, I would say the one on the right is the most daring fashion statement. While I admire the rugged sleeves highlighted in red, I admit that I could probably never pull it off. It takes a high level of confidence to pull off a leather turtleneck dress with a ribbon tied around your neck, but Pam does it with style.

You might be asking, ‘how does one define Pam’s style?’ If you only take into consideration the first two looks, you might say she has a sort of sexy goth style. Before we jump to conclusion, here are two more slightly shocking looks for our vampire fashionista:

Here we have two pink sweaters. Pink sweaters? I hate to say it, but here she looks like an average Stepford wife getting ready to go to Sunday school. However, I do prefer the look on the left. At least she added a gold belt to make the sweater less granny-ish. Although these styles are not my favorite look for Pam, she still pulls them off. How? It’s all about the confidence.

It is safe to say that Pam is far from predictable in her fashion sense. What is predictable is the fact that she will always have the ability to pull off any look. Moral of the story, girls, is that you can wear whatever you want as long as you love the way you look. So, grab the freakiest thing from your closet and strut your stuff.

Example A.)

Featured here is Bill Compton working that aforementioned wacky style with confidence. Work it, girl.