What Do You Own With Digital Comics? (via Graphic Policy)

Another nuance in the discussion regarding copyright, trademark and fair use. This raises some interesting questions about fair use especially. We’ve already noticed that in some digital formats you can’t copy images…which is good for a copyright owner but one has to wonder how good it is for fans, many of whom, for their own personal use and entertainment, use images and quotes in adaptations and derivative works. It’s not quite cutting off your nose in spite of your face but it is similar to shaving the skin off your cheeks to avoid getting 5 o’clock shadow.

What Do You Own With Digital Comics? At the tech company I spend my day at there’s quite a few geeks, many of whom like their comic books, what a shock.  In walking through the office to grab a drink I was pulled aside by a developer to talk digital comics and specifically Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited as well as comiXology.  I don’t use digital services a whole lot other than to read preview books sent to me and sometimes download freebies.  In the discussion I was told … Read More

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