Atomix & Area 5 launch interactive video gaming mag on iPad

“Atomix is totally unique in that it takes advantage of iPad features to make it interactive reading and viewing experience unlike anything else,” said Atomix founder Oscar Noriega. “It’s a video game magazine you don’t just read, you interact with it, and that’s what makes Atomix so amazing.”

Atomix VideoGame mag
Atomix launches new video game magazine

Atomix magazine immerses readers as they watch, touch, tap and swipe through each customized article. The best on every platform, including consoles, PC, online and of course every iOS and portable device are covered in superb detail. From big budget blockbuster games to the smallest independent games, Atomix covers them all and not just by forcing it into a template, either. Atomix features original art and videos from some of the most talented writers and producers in the business.

“We loved the idea from the start,” AREA 5 co-founder Ryan O’Donnell said. “We’re huge fans of the possibilities inherent in touch-screen devices and we knew even from early versions of the app that Atomix ‘got’ it.”

Noriega and others agree, feeling that other iPad video game magazines haven’t quite gotten it right yet, whether it’s an issue of content or pricing or both.

“We’ll be constantly evolving ourselves, but we knew from the start that we couldn’t be a glorified PDF reader,” Noriega explains.

Born as a partnership between the Mexico City-based Atomix and the San Francisco, CA video production company AREA 5, Atomix on the iPad is a monthly magazine celebrating video games and video game culture around the globe.

“The iPad is intended as a global product,” states Noriega, “and we knew we needed to release simultaneously to Spanish and English-language markets.”

The dual language requirements combined with the heavy video component of the magazine, motivated Atomix to reach out to video game media veterans AREA 5. Known for creating the 1UP Show at before forming AREA 5 in 2009, AREA 5 then went on to produce the popular CO-OP on Revision3 and will be producing the majority of the content both, written and video, for Atomix.

“We’re not limited by local markets,” AREA 5 co-founder Matt Chandronait said in discussing Atomix ‘cover’ price. “The iPad is worldwide and at ninety-nine cents an issue we’re priced for a worldwide audience.”

Noriega says that, for now, Atomix and AREA 5 are focused only on making the best iPad app possible, “but our goal is global, and that means every device and every language where it makes sense.”

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