It Requires An Attention Span: Silent Horror Films (via Lovely Shades of Nostalgia)

Wonderful reviews of extraordinary films. A much needed reminder that horror and the preternatural can be and are art. If you haven’t seen Noseferatu, you should. Like the book on which the film was based, this started humanities fascination (and some would say love affair) with vampires on film and eventually TV. Eric, Damon, Mick, Spike and Edward owe a great deal to Count Orlock. Let’s hope they remember him on Father’s Day!

It Requires An Attention Span: Silent Horror Films Attention spans are wonderful things. Too bad they are noticeably lacking in society today. I would appreciate even a small attention span, going to dinner with someone or walking along having a conversation without them looking at their cell phone, sitting down to watch a movie in its entirety without needing to log on to the Internet, and so on. So I'm reaching here when I suggest watching silent films. An activity that not only requires one to … Read More

via Lovely Shades of Nostalgia