Something is Missing in Dallas

Something’s gone awry in the beautiful Texas city of Dallas. Things seem quite funny at the Silent Shore Hotel these past few days. Guests of this hotel have reported things aren’t as they should be.

Ilka Richards, an employee at the esteemed hotel has been acting extremely peculiar. Seen drooling and stumbling around the hotel, perhaps someone has developed a slightly drinking habit? We can only hope Godric, the hotel’s owner, keeps good records of the alcohol in his lounge.

Alcohol may be the last thing on this former Sheriff’s mind. Sources claim that he has been missing for several days. No longer in a position of power, who would be interested in hurting this ancient Vampire child?

We’ve compiled our own list of likely suspects:

  • Bill Compton: As we recently reported, baby Vamp, Jessica Hamby has fled from Bon Temps and her “over-bearing” Maker into the loving arms of Ilka and Godric in Dallas. Could Bill have declared to seek revenge on those who have taken in his wayward Child? Or is his relief at her absence sincere?
  • Eric Northman: Could the fierce Sheriff of Area Five grown tired of Godric’s interference in his pursuits of disciplining the unruly baby Vamp? Their exchange at the Dallas Ball a few months ago was anything but friendly. Maybe there is some hidden past grudge between these two Vampires?
  • Sophie-Anne LeClerq: Bad blood clearly runs deep between the Queen of Louisiana, her Child, Andre Paul and Godric. Could the Queen, known for her ability to hold onto a grudge, have finally set into a motion, a plan to kidnap and perhaps destroy Godric? What is the likelihood that he would be able to overpower her and Andre if there were a struggle?
  • Jessica Hamby: Her attachment to Godric was almost instantaneous. Perhaps there is more than meets the eye with this seemingly sweet looking Vampire? What if a deep burning piece of passion resides within her cold, unbeating heart? Teenagers have been known to be over dramatic when it comes to heartbreak. Just how would a teenage Vampire react when the object of her affection does not return the sentiment?
  • Claude Crane: This fruity Fairy has been known to obsess over other day-impaired creatures. Perhaps after months of pursuing the elusive Eric Northman, this self-absorbed Fae has turns his attentions to the handsome eternal teen?

No one knows for sure if Godric is even missing. But if someone has taken him, who do you think it is?