Joe Manganiello narrates Dragon’s Blood

If you’re listening to Dragon Blood the second book in Patricia Briggs’ Hurog Duology and think it sounds familiar…your right. It’s not the story that’s familiar however. It’s the storyteller. Joe Manganiello is narrating the Dragon Blood  audio book.

Dragon Blood is a dark sword and sorcery fantasy set in a complex and dangerous world. Wardwick of Hurog’s desires are simple: to rebuild his home, protect his people and ride his horses through the mountainous terrain he calls home. Unfortunately nothing in life, or literature, is ever that simple. Intrigue and deceit surround him. Politics thrust him back into battle, but not one of his choosing.

It’s easy to mistake Wardwick for a fool. A large man, slow to speak, his wisdom is easy to overlook or discount, which comes in handy when those in power seek to use him for their own ends. A fearsome warrior, his strength on the traditional field of battle will not win the day this time. He rides to war on a far different field against the plans of a High King some might call mad. To save the world of humans and prevent the escape of a devastating evil long contained, Wardwick must use his brains. A little help from his nearest and dearest would be helpful as well, though it puts them at great risk.

Manganiello’s voice is perfectly suited to the tale. The gravelly texture is surprisingly versatile — soothing as the narrator, compelling as Wardwick and engaging as all the book’s other characters in this fast paced and clever adventure. Gone is Alcide’s drawl. What remains is a rich baritone filled with power, tenderness, thoughtfulness and unexpected color. If you like to “read” before bed, Manganiello’s is a voice you will love falling asleep to and dreaming about again and again.

Best known for his roles on One Tree Hill and True Blood, Manganiello trained as an actor at Carnegie Mellon. He has appeared on stage as well as film and continues seeking out new challenges as a writer and producer.

Patricia Briggs is a New York Times best-selling author whose 20 novels range from the Urban Fantasy of the Mercy Thompson series to the Paranormal romances of  Alpha and Omega. Like most of us, her fascination with the preternatural began in childhood and continues to this day.

Total running time for the audiobook version of Dragon’s Blood is 9.5 hours. And if nearly 10 hours of Joe Manganiello’s voice isn’t enough for you…he also narrated Dragon Bones, the first book in the Hurog Duology.

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