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Greetings Everyone!  Iris Devereaux with your Eye on Entertainment!

DVD Review – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1- A must have for Harry Potter fans.  Was great from start to finish!  And yes my human cried, she is such a sap!  -smirks- Definitely 5 *****

Catherine Zeta Jones was in the news this week for admitting to the world that she has Bi Polar disease and went into treatment for it.  She is getting a lot of praise for coming out into the open and admitting to it.  I was in total agreement with that, was hoping that this would get those that might have the same problems to own up to them and seek help.  Then I read where she went into treatment just so she could start work on various movie projects that she has coming up.  Hmmm is that like popping a red bull before you have to go for a run or do something you need a bit of energy for.  If anything I would have thought she would have needed it for having to go through the trauma of seeing her husband Michael Douglas struggle with chemotherapy and the like for his stage 4 cancer.  I’m sure that was the main thrust of it, but reading she did it just because of upcoming movies, I don’t know, it kind of cheapened it for me.  My human has bi polar (so I guess I kinda have it too, but I digress) so she knows what it is like but of course she doesn’t have movies to make, but plenty of other stressors.  But hey, guess it doesn’t matter why she went and sought help, just that she did.  So Catherine I give you 4 ****

Miley Cyrus is going to tour South America and Australia – neato!  Her mom and dad decided not to get a divorce after all – two thumbs up boffo!  you must be thinking awww a nice little write up on Miss Cyrus, nope, think again.  She won’t be touring the US for her hometown fans, because…(dramatic pause) she isn’t feeling the warm fuzzies from her US fans…awwww and she thinks by dissing said fans that they are going to start having warm fuzzies again?  Ummm think again.  That is when you want to tour to get the fuzzies going again, not diss touring in your home continent and go elsewhere.  Touring the world isn’t wrong, as long as you give your own country some loving too.  Sorry Miley but you only get 2 ** stars.

Charlie Sheen all I can do is shake my head slowly and sadly.  He thinks he’s #winning?  what planet is he on?  Probably Pluto since it isn’t even considered a planet anymore, but that’s a whole different subject.  What is more disgusting than Charlie’s antics is that the press is feeding his downfall by giving him the attention that he is craving.  None of what is being said about him and letting him go on this ridiculous tour is helping the poor man.  Help is what he needs, not a tour, not the press giving him the attention that he WANTS, not NEEDS.  He pressed his own self destruct button awhile ago, he doesn’t need the press and others to keep pressing it.  He needs intervention before something really bad happens.  I wish Charlie all the best and hope he can get his life back together soon.  Charlie, dude grow up, grow a set and man up and get help.  1 * and the press who continue to feed Charlie you don’t get any *

Bacteria found in a hot tub at the Playboy Mansion caused an outbreak of  Legionnaires’ disease after a fundraiser in February -wrinkles up nose in disgust and gives a great big- EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW OMG how disgusting is that?  I mean come on there must be all kinds of disgusting bacteria all over that place,  nasty nasty nasty.  Just gross me out the door!  Hugh and the Playboy Mansion -major creeped out shudder- get another 0 *

Ok what is up with Jerry Seinfeld of all people going off on the upcoming royal nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton?  And the ass does it on British tellie?  I admit to watching the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, but I don’t intend on getting up at 4am on the 29th of this month to watch William and Kate tie the knot.  There is no need to call the royal family fake and nothing but wanting to play dress up for the wedding.  And who is he to judge?  He isn’t interested, ok, neither am I but I’m not going to slam the royal family or those that are interested in seeing it.  I wish Prince William and Kate Middleton the best of luck.  Jerry Seinfeld 1 * for being a stupid git

Jennifer Lopez – J’Lo – People’s most beautiful woman, whatever you want to call her -rolls eyes-  said she said “shiz” not “shit” on American Idol, even though she cont BEEP’d by the censors.  I can see the confusion.  z sounds so much like t I can see where the censors would think she said the potty word.  mmmk.  To be honest I didn’t see any video of the incident, so I can’t say for sure, but meh I’d just woman up and say I’m sorry I just got over excited and let it slip.  You’d think with Steven Tyler being one of the judges that he’d have been the first to get beeped.  Even though she said she didn’t but the censors beeped her anyway J’Lo people’s most beautiful woman or not gets 2 **

Baby call – Fox News anchor (the only female anchor my human can stand) Megyn Kelly and her hubby welcomed a baby girl into their family on Thursday morning weighing 7lbs 12inches.  Megyn not only gets 5***** for having a baby but just for being the best female anchor on Fox, you go girl!

For all you fellow wrestling fans, tonight was Adam Copeland’s aka Edge’s last night as a wrestler.  Edge was forced to retire due to injury.  He will be sorely missed by the WWE Universe and wrestling fans as a whole.  Yes, much if not all that goes on storyline wise is all choreographed, but REAL injuries do occur and some of them are career ending, as is the case in Edge’s situation.  and yes my human cried on Monday and last night.  We both wish Edge the best.

Thanks for reading Eye on Entertainment.  Stay tuned for more goodies for the next installment, because you know with celebrities there’s always enough fodder to feed me for a long long time.  Peace out!

Iris Devereaux