Undead, dead…not dead?

The Easter season is filled with tales of resurrection and reincarnation. Recent reports (and events) surrounding the final death of Sun Severus née Blood, however seem to have been…misleading.

Sources have revealed that while the body recognized as Sun is undoubtedly second dead, her spirit can still be found on Twitter and not as a ghost. It seems a lover of long-standing helped rescue her soul and has deposited it into a convenient body. Then, being Sun, the soul jumped into a body more to her liking. Along the way, these two also managed to steal the Powers of Sun’s then husband, the demon Severus.

Now Zoey, the personality formerly know as Sun, is a unique creature. Some might say she has become too powerful and god-like.  Some might also wonder if she isn’t mad, since her two natures, vampire and demon, are not combined. Having not seen her in action much yet, that may be an over-reaction but certainly her list of abilities is impressive. Sources report that Zoey is a warm-blooded vampire able to walk in the sun.  As a demon, she can call and control fire and air as well as walk the demons realm freely. If you think you see her then don’t…you probably did. It seems she can and does vanish from one spot only to appear in another. And these, sources say, are just the beginnings of what she can do….

Should the Twitterverse be concerned?

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