May 14 is a Party!


I am EXHAUSTED! Do you know why? Of course you don’t! But I will tell you because I am gracious like that.

Russell is letting me throw a party! Well, not just any party, of course. You must be royalty, or part of someone’s retinue, to get a formal invitation. I mean, this IS a party being thrown by the King of Mississippi, darlings. We can’t have just ANYONE showing up, now can we?

It is a formal dress, Antebellum masquerade ball and it will be held on Saturday, May 14 of this year.

And darlings, ‘masquerade’ does not mean ‘costume’ and it definitely does not mean ‘fur-suit’. Show up looking like you belong at a comic book convention or a parade float and security will see you to the bottom of the Mississippi river.

If you are NOT royalty you may petition me directly for another way to attend, what will be, the fete of the decade!

We will be looking for servants, entertainment, blood donors, and if I think your style is amazing we could also use some crowd fillers; you know, attractive, interesting people who aren’t anybody but who look nice when standing next to my fabulously expensive decorations.

Let’s make this little article interesting by discussing the top three things that make for a fabulous party fit for a King:

  1. Wealth
  2. Power
  3. A classic, but not played out, theme

That’s it! Well, there’s more but I’m not about to teach my secrets to just anyone. You’ll have to attend to see for yourself what my darling Russell and I consider a grand ol’ time.

 You may contact me @MsTalbotSC if you would like to confirm, beg, or bribe your attendance.