The Battle of the Barbies?

We’ve all seen them. You know what we are referring to… Barbies.

For decades, Barbies have been a centerfold in most little girls’ lives. Who couldn’t love this popular icon who shows little girls you can be anything you want, from a singer to a flight attendant, teacher to doctor. Little girls dream of becoming the thin, big breasted blonde Barbie who they spend their younger years idolizing.

Over the past few years, many online debates, rants, raves and all out battles have occurred over the belief of who was better: Twilight or True Blood.

How long until the bad blood between Twilight and True Blood spills into the world of Barbie?

Twilight-inspired Barbies were released in 2009, and many believe the time has come for Barbie to take up residence in Bon Temps, LA.

Who will be the ultimate Barbie leading Lady? Bella or Sookie?

Which Ken do you find more fang-worthy? Eric or Edward?

Or perhaps, the Barbies themselves will surprise us all and come to some sort of mutual ground? Maybe there can be harmony between the sparkly vegetarians and the sexy artificial blood-drinking Vamps of Louisiana’s Area Five?

Anyone up for a little vHarmony?

Just as we suspected… it seems, there will never be peace between Forks, WA and Bon Temps, LA. Which side are you rooting for?