5 Minutes With Charlaine Harris (via Eric And Sookie Lovers)

It’s always fun to get inside a writer’s mind. Here’s a quick peek into Charlaine Harris’.

And may we say: “Yay! Another Trixie Belden fan! Bob-white, bob-white!”

5 Minutes With Charlaine Harris Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers! 🙂 Here's an interesting interview with Charlaine Harris! 😀 Warning: This interview may contain spoilers for Dead Reckoning! Read at your own risk! 😉 What’s Up! asked Harris five questions: Q. I’m curious about how “Dead Reckoning” reflects your life. I wonder if there are people you love reflected in Sookie, in her grandmother, in Bill, in Dermot, in Sam? A. Certainly there are aspects of people I love (and some p … Read More

via Eric And Sookie Lovers