Land’s End Great Gatsby Mansion: Last Moments (via 80,000 words)

“Inspiration cannot be dismantled.”

Beautifully said.

It is interesting to think that it is not only people (and perhaps pets) who linger as ghosts but also places. Some, like lands End might be monuments to inspiration. Others may simply be markers along the roads of our individual lives. Still, to think that sometimes a great place, be it for a single person or generations, lingers and not just in our hearts and imaginations raises questions about what it really means to be “alive”.

Land's End Great Gatsby Mansion: Last Moments 1. A Sands Point Gold Coast mansion known as Land's End is being demolished this week. The house is also known as the inspiration for Daisy Buchanan's mansion in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald lived for a time in Great Neck, across the water from Sands Point. I imagine he sat, with pen in hand, seeking inspiration and staring across the Long Island Sound, at the houses along the water with their carefree parties…just as Jay … Read More

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