A decade of paranormal collecting with Creepy Hollows

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Creepy Hollows for the paranormal collector

People collect all sorts of things. They collect books, DVDs, photos, comic books, art, pens, figurines, movie posters, toys, tools…in short if it exists, and sometimes even if it doesn’t, someone, somewhere probably collects it. What makes the items and collectors assembled by Ash and Magnolia West at CreepyHollows.com different from the “normal” collector is that they deal in artifacts that are haunted, spirited or enchanted.

Magnolia’s specialty is the White arts. Ash is a Master of Dark Arts. Both have spent their lives developing their craft and forging the frontier of paranormal collecting. CreepyHollows.com has also launched, Paranormal Collector, the world’s first magazine dedicated to collectors of haunted artifacts. Their new book Spirit Keeping, is the first book on the subject as well.

“We’re always looking to develop the balance of science, paranormal energy, and expand our capabilities,” explains co-founder Ash West. “It’s a motivation & inspiration for developing this lesser known side of the paranormal community. There are many, many paranormal aspects yet to be discovered.”

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