Forget Edward, Jacob, Bill or Eric: Go Team Geek!

Johnathan Ross is a geek.

Jonathan Ross Pulp Interview
Jonathan Ross reveals his inner geek

That’s right. One of the UK’s most erudite talk chat show hosts, not to mention best-dressed men, even with Easter and a Royal Wedding in the offing has been hiding a dark secret. His charming exterior is a comic book and toy enthusiast of geekish proportions, or so he claims in the first episode of Pulp Interviews on the just launched Pulp Channel.

In the interview, Ross reveals that he was “…openly laughed at on a train for reading Tintin…in my twenties.” His geekishness is firmly rooted in his childhood when “…it was kind of comics, or just sit alone, at home, looking at the wall.”

The first episode of Pulp Interviews and Ross’ interview is devoted to settling the age-old battle between nerds and geeks. No mention in made of dorks. The Geeks appear victorious, with many of the interview participants declaring themselves proud members of Team Geek.

“I think it’s become sort of desirable to be a geek now,” Ross claims.

Nick Hancock Pulp Interview
Nick Hancock speaks to Pulp

Pulp has roped a number of thought leaders into joining the Pulp Interview debates. In addition to Ubergeek, Jonathan Ross, TV presenter and comedian Nick Hancock reveals his geek credentials. Gordon Banks, the 1966 England World Cup hero also shares his views on the changing nature of Geekdom while Coronation Street’s Craig Charles espouses radical theories on Star Wars.

Each of the Pulp videos are funny, Engaging, authentic and, in Some cases, fairly controversial. The topics discussed reflect real conversations we’ve all had, giving Pulp a real international appeal.

“We’re working on some great original content,” says Adam Hamdy of Dare Productions. “Online video entertainment is coming of age and there’s now a real opportunity to create high value comedy programming for an online audience.”

The videos are part of an emerging new comedy brand that includes Pulp The Movie, a comedy feature film due out in 2012. Pulp The Movie is set in the irreverent world of comic books and pays grass-roots homage to all things geek including comic books, movies and video games. It is being produced by Dare Productions and Reels in Motion Films.

The Pulp Channel is an online comedy channel dedicated to all things geek and offering exclusively online original programming to a global audience. The Pulp Channel content is being globally distributed across the AOL network via Asylum UK, AOL’s men’s lifestyle channel. The Pulp Interviews are being released in weekly 2-3 minute episodes in a platform allowing film and graphic novel fans to debate the most significant issues facing the world today: in a fight, who would win, Batman or Superman? was Kirk or Picard the best captain of the Enterprise? Why didn’t Gandalf just fly an eagle to Mount Doom and drop The Ring in himself?

“We’re extremely excited to launch the Pulp Interview series, Noel Penzer Vice-President, Business Development, AOL Europe UK said. “The Interviews are humorous and inspired and this partnership allows us to build on our ability to deliver on strategy and provide top quality original content to our audiences online.”

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