New documentary chronicles the conspiracy obsessed

“The simple reason conspiracy theories exist is because people lie,” explains Phil Leirness, director of the new documentary film, The Truth Is Out There. “Our film delves deeper. We look at why individuals and cultures attach to the supernatural and alternative explanations.”

The Truth Is Out There isn’t another tabloid TV-style documentary seeking  to prove the existence of the supernatural and conspiracy plots. It’s a film about the underlying significance of obsession and why new conspiracy theories continue to crop up, even in unlikely circumstances.

The audience follows Dean Haglund (the X-Files computer hacker Richard “Ringo” Langly) as he embarks on a personal journey to discover why conspiracy theories, extraterrestrials, paranormal activities and a myriad of quantum consciousness hypotheses have such a stranglehold on his mind and why they’ve possessed millions of others in similar fashion over the millennia of human history. Haglund in accompanied, a la, Hunter S. Thompson, by his therapist Dr. Nicki Monti. Together they, along with producers Lyle Skosey and Leirness travel the globe to determine if there is a spiritual dimension all humans share which draws them to unexplained phenomena. Along the way they interview conspiracy theorists. researchers, authors, journalist, New Age devotees, scientists and artists. In fact, The Truth Is Out There packs more than 30 interviews into 141 minutes of informational bliss.

This is one of those films that you will have to watch more than once,” Says John Bryan, CEO of SLIDETV Studios. “It’s a timeless piece of work and destined to become a legend.”

The Truth Is Out There not only seeks the truth, it also asks: Can you handle it? The documentary film add substance to subject matter that doesn’t make the nightly network news. In the end, the real stars of this movie are “The Friends of TRUTH” including: Actors Chase Masterson and Eric and Eliza Roberts; comedian Claudia Christian; UFO researchers Richard Dolan, Peter Davenport, Jordan Maxwell and Dr. Roger Leir; talk show hosts Alex Jones and Rob Simone; authors G. Edward Griffin, Tucker Smallwood and David Sereda plus man more. There is also a Lone Gunmen reunion with actors Bruce Harwood and Tom Braidwood.

“It’s not just a film — it’s an event and the launch of a franchise. The producers made the movie without the backing of any major studios or distribution partners. Using the power of the internet, social media and viral marketing, Haglund and Leirness could leverage the commercial success of this venture into a multi-million dollar franchise,” says Bryan. “How long before we see Dean Haglund inspired secret agent action figures with red socks and other related merchandise?”

The international premiere of The Truth Is Out There will be 30 April, 2011 at the British Film Institute’s National Film Theatre in London.

For more information, including news regarding a possible sequel The Truth Is Out There: Ancient Mysteries visit the film’s website, Facebook fan page and weekly podcast.

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