The eBook with a soundtrack — Cathedral of the Senses

Cathedral of the Senses
Cover of the 1st book with a built-in soundtrack, Cathedral of the Senses

Listening to music while reading is nothing new. Musical books have been around for a while too, but they usually appeal to the preschool or early reader demographic because the music and the quality are not optimal. All that has changed with the release of Cathedral of the Senses, for the iPad.

Cathedral of the Senses is the first novel to embed a soundtrack in the digital format of the book. The iPad version of the novel includes excerpts of songs at key plot moments simply by touching the screen. Readers may then download the entire song or the entire album from Sound quality isn’t an issue either, all the songs were professionally recorded and fully produced. The soundtrack includes contributions from Mike Lattanzi and Barry Keenan as well as other names recognized within and beyond the music industry.

Anyone interested in Eckhart Tolle’s Now Moment philosophy or who enjoy the Abraham-Hicks books (non-fiction) will find much to like in the metaphysical novel Cathedral of the Senses. The sequel to the metaphysical cult classic Trick of Light, Cathedral of the Senses is a a standout effort from novelist Stephen Smoke.

“Reminiscent of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, set in a world straight out of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Cathedral of the Senses is thought-provoking without being preachy. In many ways it’s a fictional depiction of the popular ‘now moment’ philosophies put forth by such contemporary writer/philosophers as Eckhart Tolle.” — John Knoerle, author of Despicable Profession.

Author Stephen Smoke
Author Stephen Smoke (courtesy of Cathedral Rock Publishing)

Stephen Smoke is the author of 29 books, 19 of them being novels. In addition to five best-selling psychological thriller novels published by HarperCollins, he has written and directed several feature films including Street Crimes with Dennis Farina. Smoke bases his metaphysical writing on an experience he had at the age of 20. “I don’t merely re-purpose information I read from other people’s books. I truly believe I have something unique to say,” the author explains.

“I love the visual palette the author works from, While dealing with spiritual and philosophical issues in a completely unique manner Mr. Smoke manages to accomplish the trick that eludes most inspirational writers: He entertains the reader! You don’t have to be a spiritual seeker in order to enjoy this book. And I absolutely love the music. My two favorites are ‘Diamond Mind,’ and ‘Amsterdam’.” — Thomas Morris, actor (Schindler’s List, Angels and Demons, The International)

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