Darlings! I have been watching this network on the television called, ‘W’, very chic to only be known by a letter don’t you think? Maybe I should start going by, ‘T’. Ugh, but I suppose I’d keep getting mistaken for a beverage. Idea cancelled!

Right, so, watching this lovely network I’ve seen SO many shows on being fiscally irresponsible and it made me take pause and examine MY financial situation!  Darlings! I make NO money but I SPEND thousands every month! I think I may be a ‘princess’, which seems to be a term used to describe young ladies who get what they want, whenever they want and damn the cost!

Pardon me, I need another drink. Ah, there, thank you Shelby you may go.

Do you know my last Salon visit was $1300?! My bespoke pants were $1800! Let us not even speak of how much I’m spending on this party on the 14th! (Hint: HUNDREDS of thousands, darlings!)

Oh, I am so irresponsible!

…or I would be if  my husband were not a King! You see, ducklings, when you marry a King that makes you a Queen! And a Queen is practically required to spend her husband’s money. What sort of King can’t accommodate his wife’s extravagant spending habits? Why, he wouldn’t be much of a King let alone a man, would he?  And what sort of King wouldn’t want a wife who was so high-maintenance that only a King could possibly fulfill their every desire?

My darling Russell is one of the few men on this earth who could support me and THAT, ducklings, should say a thing or two about how rich and powerful my husband is. I’m not a ‘princess’, I’m a QUEEN!

(Rumour: Not EVERY vampire royal is as well-off as  my darling Russell is, don’t be fooled by royal facades, darling! I hear a well-known royal is so far in debt the HUMAN government is getting involved. ~Scandalous~)