Trouble is Brewing

Trouble is brewing in the southern state of Louisiana. A powerful and evil witch is among us and one can only wonder what trouble she will bring. So far she has been linked to the kidnapping of Godric, a Vampire who resides in the Kingdom of Texas under the rule of King Stan.

Little is known as to how she came to obtain the Vampire or even the full extent of what she did to him. It is rumored that he was taken into Louisiana and drained. If this proves to be true, than we can expect to see a rise in the local V-trade. We have yet to confirm that Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq has been made aware of the situation at hand.

No other reports of missing Vampires have come to light. One can only hope this is an isolated incident. But several questions are left unanswered.

Who is the evil witch? What is it that she desires and further more, is she working alone?

All attempts to receive a comment from Godric have been denied.

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