WordCount Blogathon begins today #Blog2011

2011 Blogathon participant

In case you haven’t heard, the WordCount Blogathon starts today! Everyone at the Preternatural Post is very excited to spend the next 30 days focusing on improving the Post and exploring other great blogs. We’re so excited, we’ve even badgered some of you, our readers into participating *motions for @Scarlett_Area5, @DarlingSookie, @Eric_NorthmanTB, @Tammyjo__ and @LaceyTB to stand up and be recognized*.  If we missed any RPers who are participating, either as a character or the human behind the character, please let us know!

Participating in Blogathon isn’t going to change much here at the Preternatural Post. We are still the news source for fictional characters and legendary creatures that you know, and hopefully, love. Readers may discover we are producing more or different kind of content. Certainly our RP category will be growing as we share some of what we are learning and how it applies to role-player and character blogs with you.

That being said, we thought we’d share the list of other blogs writers for the Preternatural Post contribute to. To our knowledge none of these are part of Blogathon, they are just blogs we are involved with. They include:

There are also several LiveJournals and Facebook pages we contribute to, although not as frequently as we should. These include the Facebook fan pages for The Preternatural Post and TB_PamR. The Preternatural Post tweets from @Pret_News. The Twitter accounts for our writers (@MenaGrazie and @TB_PamR) are also Twitter role-playing accounts. Adults are welcome to follow those accounts.

A word about Twitter role-play or RP: much of what “happens” on these accounts is fictional. For the most part, these accounts represent fictional characters. Many, but not all, of our online interactions are with other fictional characters, although we do interact with fans and even real people on occasion. This can make things confusing and we apologize ahead of time. Unfortunately, other than alerting you to how those accounts are used and making every effort to tag tweets related to the Blogathon with #Blog2011, we can’t think of another way to help. If anyone has suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

There are nearly 150 bloggers signed up for this year’s WordCount Blogathon. If you haven’t signed up but would like to participate, there is still time (until 11 p.m. tonight so go do it!

Based on out first Twitter chat and the conversations being had in the related Google Group, this is an amazing and diverse selection of people. You don’t have to be a professional writer or even an experienced blogger (although some participants are). You just have to be interested in blogging and willing to commit to posting something, anything, every day for the next 30 days. Reading some of what others post might be part of the deal, too, but given what we’ve read so far, that won’t be a hardship.

It really is shaping up to be a fascinating month!

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