FEARnet HD unleashes multiplatform horror programming

On 2 May, 2011, FEARnet, the world’s premier destination for horror, thriller and suspense announced long-term carriage agreements with Time Warner and Verizon FiOS. FEARnet has also begun its linear carriage rollout with Comcast.

Under the new carriage agreements FEARnet is available on:

  • Time Warner Cable and Time Warner’s VOD (Video on Demand) platform beginning in early May, with New York launching VOD on 9 May and both SD and HD on 11 May.
  • Verizon FiOS channel 197 nationwide, as well as on the pre-existing VOD offering.
  • Comcast Channel 1865 HD, Channel 171 SD in Philadelphia as of 12 April, along with VOD to Comcast’s entire footprint under its pre-existing agreement.

These carriage agreements mark the first wave of an expansion that is expected to take FEARnet  HD, a linear cable channel offering more than 300 horror, suspense and thriller films annually, to more than 10 million American homes within the year. That’s in addition to the 26 million households where FEARnet VOD is already available. The move to linear followed four years of incubation and growth on VOD where FEARnet has become the number one free movie service. In addition to the new Carriage agreements, FEARnet is working with distributors on TV Everywhere initiatives which include streaming of FEARnet’s linear channel along with hundreds of hours of VOD content to authenticated customers.

“Genre fans are the most passionate fans in the entertainment universe, and we are committed to giving them the best programming in the form of distinctive Original Series, new Television and Broadcast Premieres, Classic Films and creative Stunts,” said Peter Block, FEARnet’s President and General Manager.

Building on the foundation of its deep library of movies, FEARnet has begun to establish new genre content franchises online, on VOD and on linear. Moving forward FEARnet content will be accessible on a combination of the three platforms. Several of these new franchises as well as film and TV shows/series have preternatural, supernatural or paranormal twists.

Twisted Comedy, FEARnet HD’s brand-new horror-comedy block launching this summer includes the original series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. This supernatural comedy features Jason Mewes (yes, Jay of Jay and Silent Bob fame) and tells the story of a small town high-school trying to save the world from the dark powers of a mysterious book. Did we mention the grants wishes? Well, it does…after a fashion. No matter how innocuous the wish may seem, granting it always seems to have some unexpected, sinister, cataclysmic or downright satanic side effects. Created by Craig David Wallace, Charles Picco and Anthony Leo, the series enjoyed a highly successful Canadian debut. Todd and the Book of Pure Evil extras and related editorial content will also be featured on FEARnet.com.

Along with original series like Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, FEARnet has also secured movie deals with major studios including Warner Bros., Paramount, Starz, BBC and E1 Entertainment in addition to the extensive collections from Sony and Lionsgate. This means the new FEARnet HD schedule is full of exciting blockbuster premieres, innovative treatments of classics and perennial fan favorites including The Blair Witch Project which will air exclusively commercial free on FEARnet HD during a Memorial Day (30 May) Marathon. The world premiere of 30 Days of Night: Dark Days on 1 May was part of FEARnet’s Sinister Sundays.

Original series and movies are only the tip of the iceberg. FEARnet will also celebrate the depth of outstanding genre content and creators in the FEARnet repertoire. The linear network will perform themed days a least once a month, with cross-platform support from VOD and FEARnet.com. Among the subjects scheduled for themed event treatment are:

  • Authors Stephen King (American Vampire) and Dean Koontz
  • Foreign language frights
  • So real it’s scary (documentaries)
  • Iconic franchises (Phantasm and Boogeyman)
  • Villains and monster of infamy (Godzilla, vampires and zombies)

Last, but certainly not least as far as special events go is the Fiscal Fear-End. FEARtober, the super Bowl of Scary is the culmination of everything that makes the horror, suspense and thriller genre greats. There will be double movie marathons, outsized sweepstakes and promotions, unexpected guest stars and much, much more. The month will conclude with a 24-hour marathon of Trick ‘r Treat  that was part of FEARnet HD’s 31 October, 2010 launch with the classic film The Exorcist.

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