Passionate writers vie for cash prizes

“Our contributors include passionate bloggers, journalists, lecturers, article marketers and corporate communications representatives, many of whom write articles to gain exposure, so it’s a great way for them to get free traffic – all articles include ‘about the author’ information with a link back to their site – and the cash prize is an added bonus for them.”

The founders of encourage anyone with a story to tell to submit their articles, photos and cartoons to this newly launched news and views website with a twist. ¬†Beginning 2 May, 2011 ViewsHound is a paying market…just not in the traditional sense. Instead of creating some complicated payment system or revenue share, ViewsHound is the first site of its kind to offer daily cash prizes for great content. All material is quality checked by human editors, plagiarism checkers and spam checkers.

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ViewsHound launched with major categories in politics, business, travel, sport, technology, art and culture. First day articles include pieces on the Arab revolution, human rights, a political look at international football and anti-gravity yoga.

“Rather than designing a complicated payment system for contributors that takes many factors into account,” ViewsHound Editor in Chief Ian Howlett explains, “our contributors seem to like the simplicity of a competitive element. We’re a start-up company hence our prize pot right now is $120 per day. As we grow and our revenues increase with display advertising, the prize will rise accordingly and we will make sure it is fair and lucrative as possible for our contributors and citizen journalists.”

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