The Growth of Sookie: Sookie & Bill

Bill Compton changed Sookie Stackhouse’s life. After a lifetime of being bombarded by the thoughts of others, the dark-haired Vampire Veteran and the peace that came with his presence were welcomed with open arms.

In awe from meeting her first Vampire, Sookie shows much delight and interest for Bon Temps’ newest resident. Their meeting was shortly interrupted by the low-class Rattrays. It is only because of her “disability” that Sookie shortly discovers the Rattrays true reasoning for approaching the newcomer. Outraged and concerned, Sookie quickly jumps to action. Including confronting the despicable Rattrays and winning in a small showdown. Her reward: an up close conversation with her first Vampire. Though unhappy about being put into the position of needing to be saved, Bill becomes intrigued by Sookie’s odd behavior.

At the urging by her grandmother, Adele Stackhouse, the stage becomes set for Bill to soon return the life debt and save the young barmaid from the evils of the Rattrays. Angered by her interference a few nights earlier, Mack and Denise Rattray attack Sookie after work one evening, with one goal in mind… to kill her. It is only by chance that she was to meet with Bill to request a favor, that the Vampire happened to be in the employee parking lot. After disposing of the Rattrays, Bill carries Sookie into the world and heals her by feeding her his blood.

Once involved, Bill’s and Sookie’s relationship is a roller coaster of highs and lows. As she becomes further exposed to the Vampire world, Sookie quickly realizes just how dark and dangerous things can be when you are dating a dead man. From the introduction of the awful Vampires from Monroe to the Viking Vampire Sheriff in Shreveport, Sookie begins to question exactly what price she is willing to pay in order to have her first boyfriend. Things only become more intense as Sookie’s grandmother is murdered by a psycho who is stalking the women of Bon Temps… the women who “associate” with Vampires, that is.

Fearful for her life and dealing with the loss of her grandmother, Sookie opens herself up to Bill. Revealing dark moments of her past and even experiencing the joys of love-making with him. Things are not always so happy between Sookie and Bill. With her stubborn nature and sometimes unwillingness to try to understand the nature of the Vampire, this couple takes several extended breaks before their relationship finally ends in Club Dead.

It’s tough to judge just how wonderful or awful these two were with one another. Especially after the discovery that Bill may not be what he seems. Ordered to seduce Sookie, the reader’s already cracked image of him shatters. Leaving one to question: what was truth and what was an act?

Love and hate, hot and cold, highs and lows… this initial relationship helps to shape Sookie to become more aware of the world around her. It is the introduction of Bill that exposes Sookie to the dark and sometimes wonderful world of the supernatural, the joys of love and sex and to the opportunity for a life outside of her small hometown in Northern Louisiana. Just as with any first love, it is the experiences she gains while with Bill as well as the experiences she gains once having lost him that help her to grow… as a woman and as a person.

As the series begins winding down, one of the questions on everyone’s mind is “Who will Sookie wind up with?” This of course is a topic for much debate between the fans of the books and the show.

Of course, Charlaine Harris knows how the series will end, but until the release of the thirteenth and final book (expected to be released in May of 2013), her lips are sealed.

Bill Compton may have turned Sookie’s world upside down and inside out, but he opens doors that she may have never known existed had he never been ordered into her life.

*more about Bill will be discussed in a later blog*