Dead Reckoning: A Quick Fix While Waiting Sucks

Yesterday, Sookie fans rushed to the stores to purchase the latest in this telepathic barmaid’s tales. Dead Reckoning, the eleventh installment in the series, is action packed and utterly frustrating as well as entertaining. After the less than entertaining and almost rushed, Dead in the Family, Sookie fans will be pleased to see the series has resumed it’s usual tone.

As with most Sookie Stackhouse books, you can expect the following to occur:

  • Someone (or several someones) will die
  • Sookie will visit the hospital at least once
  • Eric will once again prove just how high-handed he can be
  • Pam will stir up trouble
  • Some new faces will enter the picture and will further prove that newbies don’t last long in this series
  • Vampire politics will continue to plague Sookie’s life with drama
  • Old secrets will surface
  • New mysteries will unfold
  • Sookie will continue to learn more about who and what she is
  • Sookie’s internal debate about her relationship with Eric will continue to plague her

With the introduction of a competitor bar and crisis after crisis occurring, it isn’t a surprise to find that the fate of Merlotte’s is hanging in the balance with the test of time. Though from a readers’ stand point , working in Merlotte’s has never been so action-packed and intense. That’s saying a lot for the bar which has seen its share of supernatural mischief , from a killer pirate Vampire and crucified were to the fact that several of its employees have met their ends while employed there.

The Vampire dynamic duo, Pam Ravenscroft and Eric Northman have returned in this book and there seems to be trouble in paradise. Usually some of the liveliest (I couldn’t resist) characters within the books, things are tense between our favorite Viking and his Child. Though readers have seen tense times between these two in other books, things come to blows (literally) several times this time around. What exactly has Eric’s jockies in a twist? Pam’s dying to tell but he won’t let her and it’s weighing heavily on Sookie’s mind because she knows… it affects her.

Sookie is still burdened by her house guests, Dermot and Claude Crane. Though their presences has triggered something within her and it has her asking questions. Though the answers to several of these questions from unexpected places and she discovers that Dermot and Claude are hiding something from her. As more things come to light about the Fae and their ways, Sookie begins to question how much she can trust her kin.

Amelia Broadway returns and as always, her presence leads to trouble. Her interference in Sookie’s life causes trouble and leads to Sookie making a rash and possibly dangerous decision. A decision that could cost Sookie her freedom, her love and maybe even in the end… her life. Will Sookie be able to pick up the pieces in the wake of Hurricane Amelia? Or will her witchy friend’s interference cost her dearly?

As always, Sookie’s life is filled with men vying for her attention. This book only continues to leave the reader questioning “Who will Sookie wind up with”. With Eric hiding something from her, the fate of Sookie’s love life is still up in the air.

Things between Bill Compton and Sookie seem to be clearer as of where they stand with one another. Though at points one can see that same old attraction that was present in the beginning of the series. Due to certain circumstances, they do once again find themselves in an intimate and compromising position.

Alcide Herveaux makes a brief, yet memorable, appearance and is once again hoping to finally get his shot at Sookie. Though he does manage to get into her bed…

Good ole Sam Merlotte is still in the picture. Though involved with Alcide’s second, Jannalynn Hopper, there’s still something between Sookie and her boss/best friend. Jealousy rears it’s ugly head at several points and you’ll be surprised as to who it is that is jealous.

With plots of murder, bombings, suspense, mystery and even a very interesting sex scene… Dead Reckoning is a must read.