HBOC-201: The "True" Synthetic Blood

It’s official, the series created by Charlaine Harris is a hit. Not only did it provide the path for a hit TV series, some of the most creative promotional techniques and even it’s own energy drink line… Now it has inspired for the discovery and creation of real synthetic blood.

Developed by the U.S. Navy, this project has been in the making for over five years. HBOC-201 was created and is used as an alternative to blood transfusions. This synthetic blood substitute was created using a molecule from cow plasma. In return this molecule helps restores the human’s hemoglobin which helps deliver oxygen to the organs.

Of course, many of you are saying there is no way this can be fact. Well, tell that to Tamara Coakley from Melbourne, Australia. Due to this advancement in technology, her life was saved after what should have been a fatal car crash. Due to her religious beliefs, Ms. Coakley had to refuse a normal blood transfusion, but was permitted to try the synthetic blood substitute.

Reportedly, HOBC-201 is only one of several synthetic blood substitutes that are being developed worldwide.

It looks like Charlaine Harris was correct in believing a blood substitutes would be created. This leads one to wonder… how long until the Vampires decide to come out of the coffin?