Meet the real Cereal Killers

Serial killers have grabbed the public’s attention since the nights of Jack the Ripper. Now Cereal Killers can grab the mornings too thanks, to a new set of collectible trading cards from start-up Wax Eye.

Cereal Killers Exorcrisp
Cereal Killers ExorCrisp

Joe Simko, the artist behind the Garbage pail kids, Misfits and Van’s Warped Tour, wrote and painted this eye-popping (or melting) collection of 55 Cereal Killer Trading Cards lampooning, you guessed it popular cereal brands. There’s Zomb’a Crunch, Exorcrisp, Halloweenies and more to help make breakfast time frighteningly fun for everyone. The cards aren’t the only send off, either. They come in shrink-wrapped min-cereal boxes, just like the real thing.

Each box contains 20 horrifyingly hilarious cards, an eyeball gum and one random premium gift. Premium gifts range from black light stickers and temporary tattoos to ‘fridge magnets or a gold foil card. And 250 lucky purchasers will find one of the 250 original sketch cards, hand-drawn by Simko himself.

Cereal Killers
Cereal Killers

Sketch cards are the latest phenomena sweeping the collectible card industry. It’s a neat, affordable and mobile way to obtain original art work from some amazing artists. How amazing? Watch this:

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