Rare horror double feature: Dracula joins Theatre of Blood

The Time Out Film Club is hosting a rare double bill screening of two classic horror films on 10 May, 2011. Horror and preternatural fans can catch a double-feature of the 1950’s version of Dracula along with the slightly newer Theatre of Blood at Cineworld Haymarket in London, UK.

Dracula Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee's Dracula courtesy of Time Out Live

The 1958 version of Dracula, which is also titled The Horror of Dracula, is a horror masterpiece though it varies significantly from the plot of Bram Stoker’s book. In this version, Jonathan Harker attacks Dracula and ends up dead, or perhaps undead, for his troubles. His friend, van Helsing, stakes him so Harker ends up finally dead either way. So presumably is Harker’s fiance, Lucy. Her friend, Mina, is next on the menu, but before the Dracula can Turn her, van Helsing rides to the rescue.

Recently chosen by 150 film industry experts including Sam Mendes (director of American Beauty) and Wes Anderson (director of Fantastic Mr. Fox) as one of Time Out’s 100 Best British Films, Dracula was produced by Hammer, the cult British film production company. Starring Christopher Lee (Saruman from the Lord of the Rings trilogy), this is the film often credited with dragging British horror, kicking and screaming, no doubt, out of the drawing-room and into the bold and bloody world of sex and violence. The hero van Helsing is portrayed by preternatural favorite Peter Cushing, a role he reprised at least 4 times and  whom some will recognize as either Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Who, Baron Frankenstein or Grand Moff Tarkin. This is a rare opportunity to see this outstanding film screened on the big screen as it was intended.

Theatre of the Blood is a psychedelic splatter classic made in 1973 stars horror legend Vincent Price as a suicidal then homicidal actor and producer, Edward Lionheart, who exacts revenge on the critics who denied him his finest hour and an acting award. Diana Rigg, frequent host of Mystery! on PBS stars as Lionheart’s wife/widow.

Both Theatre of Blood and Dracula represent significant milestones for the horror genre in British cinema history. Award-winning comedian, broadcaster and writer Robin Ince will introduce this unusual double bill screening of classic British horror as part of the Time Out Film Club series.

“The season offers people of London the chance to see some of the greatest British films ever made, presented by some of the film world’s most influential voices,” said Time Arthur, Director of Time Out Live. “A movie aficionado’s dream and the perfect opportunity to catch up on all those films you really should have experienced up there on the big screen where they belong.”

With tickets priced at just £8 (less than the price of a regular cinema ticket on the West End), the opportunity to screening both these moments in horror history is too good to pass up. Tickets for this very special double-bill are on sale now with a limited number of seats still available online at: www.timeout.com.