To follow or not to follow? On Fridays that is the question

Who you decide to follow on says a great deal about your character and how you role-play. It’s more than just the number of people you follow. It’s who they are and how you interact with them.

It’s easy to meet people on Twitter. It’s harder to figure out who to follow. Some people follow everyone who follows them. I don’t. I follow people I know and want to interact with. That’s doesn’t mean I won’t talk to someone I don’t follow. I will. It just means that until I do talk to you, unless you’re in one of the families or groups I’m a member of, chances are I’m not going to follow you.

So who do I follow?

About 1,000 people. I’m not going to bore you by listing them all here. If you’re that curious, go look up my Twitter profile. Of those 1,000 people, there are a handful that I can unreservedly recommend everyone follow. And if you want to role-play with me, following them is almost a requirement. They are:

@JStackhouseTB – My Lunch and my love. He’s still human and still with me after more than a year. I can’t say enough nice things about him as an RPer or a person. He’s great.

@Eric_NorthmanTB – My original Maker. Married and Maker to @VampireSookieTB these two were among the first to experience me and I would not be the Pam I am without them.

@EricNorthman_ – My Maker and the person who told me I’d be a great Pam. We’ve had our ups and downs but he’s always entertaining and much more in tune with the current Century than I can ever hope to be.

@Scarlett_Area5 – My Child. Yes, I know but we were first and I don’t like the name Miriam anyway. She’s a cold-blooded killer with great closets and one of the best RPers and writers I know.

@MenaGrazie – My Editor here at the Preternatural Post and a friend. Or I thought she was until she didn’t ward my ward which allowed Lunch to get hurt…

@YvettaTB – Dancer extraordinaire and @EricNorthman_‘s squeeze. She’s just kinky enough to be fun, even if she is human.

@PamR_TB and @ENorthmanTB – My doppelgänger and her Maker. They are book and doing some very cool blogging at Reflections of the Night.

@Jezebel_Hell – The witch I love to hate. I’m going to kill her, soon, so follow her while you can.

@RoqueBlackwood and @Alecto_Punisher – The demon and the deity keep my existence interesting though I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing.

(I should mention that the role-players behind these three “villains” are great people and good friends. Please, don’t confuse the characters with the people behind them. In these cases, they are almost polar opposites.)

There are also some folks I follow just because I like to read them or because my doppelgängers and other personalities interact with them. They include:

@SookieBonTemps – One of, if not the, original Twitter Sookies and a force in the TBRP world. I bet she’s delicious…

@VampireMagister – Speaking of delicious, I bet the Magister is as well, even if I do shiver every time I see him in my timeline. Despite all the silver between us, he still attracts me.

@BranCrisp -Bon Temps’ librarian and all around font of knowledge. Absolutely indispensable.

@Vampire_Bubba – I think it’s that crooked little boy smile, but he’s still King to me. Just don’t ever call him that or by his old name. Now, if I could just get him to sing….

@BadPam and @LeifNorthman – Another doppelgänger and her Maker. He’s super sexy, jury is still out on her. Follow his entire group @SookieSBonTemps, @TBVampire_Bill, @AppiusLOcella and @VampAlexei

@ClaudeCrane – He’d be my soul mate if he played in my sandbox. As it is, maybe Studly and I were somehow separated at birth?

@LafayetteTB – The official Lafayette, is just too witty and wonderful not to follow.

@DarlingSookie – Another great Sookie and the fearless of the Once Bitten TBRP family.

@VampHadley and @Matt_Crenshaw – A great and very sexy couple, there’s never a dull moment around them! And don’t forget their li’l darlin’ @PixietheElf!

@RomanLucious – Yeah, I know, he’s not the badass he pretends to be. Follow him anyway. While you’re at it you may as well follow his adopted Child @VampyJo and his lady, wolf, whatever @Tammyjo__

@EricNorthmanA5 – I was his for a while, but it didn’t work out. My Child, @Scarlett_Area5 still calls him her Sheriff and he replaced me with @PamR_Area5. He also has another Child, @TrinityBodare and a -snickers- grandchild @AvaDeMarco_ as well as a human publicist @Helena_Tao

Finally, every TBRP character or fan should be following @TrueBloodHBO, @EricSookieLover, @The_Vault and @NorthmanNet. Several of the cast members of HBO’s True Blood are also on Twitter including @BauervanStraten (Pam), @Ryan_Kwanten (Jason), @JoeManganiello (Alcide), @CarriePreston (Arlene) and @SamTrammell (Sam), among others.

True Blood Cast
True Blood Cast, Season 1 Promo Photo from HBO