Weekly Gossip

Even under the guise of a small private ceremony, all of Bon Temps was fully aware of upcoming wedding for Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman. What no one expected was for the groom to be a no show… is it possible the thousand year old Viking Vampire got a case of cold feet? Well… a case of colder feet, maybe?

Ironically the couple was seen walking around in downtown Shreveport. What will become of this dynamic duo? Will they work things out? Or will it end in heartache?

A congratulations is rumored to be in order for the happy couple of Camille and Nero Hennigan, who were married last week in a private wedding in Jamaica. Though their marriage isn’t the only thing that are rumored to be celebrated by this couple… Maybe baby anyone?

Congratulations are also in order for one of Bon Temps’ newest resident and establishment owner, Katie Green. She and Tobias Mercer are engaged. It is rumored the couple is planning a wedding abroad! Who all will be making the journey across the big pond to attend this event?

A new face has been spotted around Bon Temps. Newcomer, Vivian Green is the cousin of Katie and Faith Green. Not much is known about this young New Yorker, but it will only be a matter of time before this paper has the dirt.

Vampires be-were…

Trouble seems to be brewing in the Big Easy. Rumored to have already Vamp-napped Texas Vamp,Godric, this witch is no laughing matter. Rumored to be a V-addict and Were, Hallow Stonebrook and her brother, Mark are to be avoided at all costs. No one is sure what these were-witches are up to…

Are any of the Vampires in New Orleans safe?

Love may be a battlefield, but in the Queen‘s estate, she does as she pleases. Seen in compromising positions with both her Child, Andre Paul and human, Hadley Hale, one can only access that these Queen enjoys it both way…

Our European sources have reported an increase number of slaughters. Coroners report the attacks look almost like that of an wild animal, with the exception of being too clean…

Could Appius Livius Ocella have lost control of his young and demented Child, Alexei Romanov? One can only hope this bratty Vamp is put in a much needed time out and soon!

Tara Thornton has been spending a lot of time in the hospital lately. Is our favorite bartender hiding something?

We would interview Sookie Stackhouse on the matter, but somehow, even the telepath is out of the loop on this one.

Things seem to have quieted down in the Realm of the Fae. With the rescue of Prince Kieran, everyone is wondering… where isBreandan?

Having spent a lot of time recently in the Human Realm, one can wonder why Kieran is hiding? Perhaps he is still in danger of  Breandan’s wrath.

Will he ever be free from Breandan’s hold or will he and Kayley have to live in the shadows of doubt for eternity?

Bree Youngblood has been reported missing. Her lover and Child, Levi Youngblood, discovered her missing in the early hours of this morning.

Who would have taken this stealthy Vampire?

Will Levi find her before it’s too late?

Owner of Hooligan’s, Claude Crane has tipped us off that local lone wolf, Tray Dawson has required some of the more “private” services. The extent of these services hasn’t been specified, but the implication was made. Has this lonely wolf decided to pay for his company?

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