From Flab to Fab

A few weeks ago we reported about a certain Fae’s little addiction. We are proud to say that at our prodding, Branna Brigant has turned her life around.

One can only wonder what her secret is… How did Branna go from Flab to Fab?

Her grandson, Claude Crane reported that he doesn’t believe in her instant transformation.

“She clearly had some major nip and tuck going on there. We’ve all needed it at one point in time. I got my ears done by a hot doc in Shreveport last year”

Branna remarked that she went on a strict diet and hired a trainer, but we aren’t buying that. We have an inkling that Claude’s hunch might be right on the mark… What do you think?

Regardless of how she did it, we do wonder what her husband thinks of the new and improved Branna. All attempts to obtain a comment from the Sky Prince have failed.