Stephen King, Can You E-Mail Me Your Autograph? (via )

Electronic signatures on ebooks are just one of the issues they present for both readers and authors. Consider the introduction of “virtual book-signings” where readers don’t even meet the author face-to-face, the interaction is entirely virtual for both parties. At least with a traditional book and book-signing you know the author is there and the work-product (ie, the book) won’t vanish with a computer crash, power failure or corporate sale/merger.

That being said, some authors, especially in the realm of comic books might take the personalization concept a bit too far. Stephen King’s (and Scott Synder’s) autograph on a first edition of American Vampire is one thing. The idea of a comic book containing blood or cremains (ashes) is something else again. Horror is all well and good but there isn’t there a limit to how grisly we get not to mention the potential biohazard risks?

Stephen King, Can You E-Mail Me Your Autograph? For devoted bibliophiles, no moment is greater than when you get to meet your favorite author. I have stood in line for hours, clinching a paperback in my sweaty hands, thinking of a cool thing to say when I get to the front. Something to make the writer remember me. Something different from the glob of people cooing all day over his or her words. The moment arrives. The author smiles. I hand them my copy of his book. “Who should I make it out to … Read More