The Growth of Sookie: Living Dead in Dallas

In this second installment of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, Charlaine Harris brings back everyone’s favorite fair-haired telepath and the residents of the quaint little town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. A few months have passed and Sookie is still involved with local Vampire, Bill Compton.

Life has returned to some sort of normalcy for Sookie Stackhouse… that is until a body is found in the backseat of Andy Bellefleur’s car in the Merlotte’s parking lot. Appalled by everyone’s lack of concern for the decease, Sookie makes it her mission to prove just who the murderer or murderers are.

This discovery of Merlotte’s cook, Lafayette Reynolds, allows the readers insight into several of Sookie’s attributes and the constant battle within her between what is right and wrong. Her thoughts go from hoping Andy is feeling every bit of the alcohol he had indulged in the night before, to her more helpful nature where she chooses to trudge over to his car and shut the back door in order to save his battery. Her admiration for the flamboyant and colorful, Lafayette, shows just how truly open-minded Sookie is as opposed to others within the small town.

Though she is portrayed as somewhat a prude, Sookie goes to extremes just to find out who is responsible for the death of her friend. Including an intriguing scene that involves a certain Viking Vampire in lycra, an orgy and a few unexpected guests. The position in which she gets herself with Eric by her side (or in this case, pressing up against her on the hood of his corvette), leaves readers practically begging for her to yield to the thousand-year old Vamp.

Joining the supernatural ranks is something picked right out of Greek mythology, a Maenad. Introduced early into the books, this snarled haired ancient mythological creature leaves a lasting impression with Sookie. Her astute assessment of the woman’s lethal capabilities and her will to live, saves not only her face… but possibly her life. Used as a sort of “message” for Eric, Sookie begrudgingly becomes wary of all the Vampire “bullshit” she has a habit of being dragged into.

The Vampire’s power over Sookie and her ability to act as a magnet for supernatural high jinx, leaves Sookie wondering exactly what the ultimate price she would have to pay, in order to have some form of a romantic relationship. In fact, the pressures of dating a Vampire proves too much for the telepath, resulting in several arguments, a break from one another  and one steamy bit of porch lovin’ once the couple makes up.

Also introduced in this book is a formidable foe, the Fellowship of the Sun. Sent to Dallas in order to help Area Six investigate the disappearance of one of their Area Vamps, Sookie comes face to face with one of the FOTS members immediately following her landing. Excited by her first trip with Bill, Sookie is surprised as she is almost kidnapped while waiting for his coffin to be unloaded.

As the mystery unfolds over who took the missing Vamp, Sookie finds herself in the crossfire between the FOTS and the Vampires of Dallas. With her life on the line, will she be able to save the missing Vamp and return home to her small town in Northern Louisiana? Or will she be forced to pay the ultimate price for dating a Vampire… her life?