Glad They Aren't My Mom!

Diantha Cataliades

Diaper rash burns enough without this fast speaking, part-demon, hands trying to help the situation. The reason why? Her ability to ignite that baby’s rear with just her hands, leaves one feeling sorry for any offspring she may have.

Does Boudreaux’s Butt Paste work on third-degree burns?

Amelia Broadway

Spoiled and sometimes a little too nosy, Amelia isn’t one you’d expect to find on this kind of post… but then again….

Who turned her lover into a cat during extremely experimental “witchy” sex?

Not to point fingers, but what would happen if she tried to do a spell on a baby? Turning a baby into a cat (or would they be a kitten), is one thing… what if she turned them into something else? Or lost them magically?

When messing with magic, it’s best to stick to practicing on inanimate objects and not children…

Hallow Stonebrook

Normally, I would have counted Hallow under the Weres. But this Were-Witch, V-Addict, should not be reproducing.

Draining Vampires is a dangerous pastime, let alone cursing them and encroaching on another packs territory. Oh yes, Hallow would make the perfect mother… when hell freezes over, pigs fly and the sky falls.

Charlaine didn’t really allow the world Sookie lives in to be extremely kid-friendly. But hey, just be glad they aren’t your mother.