The Growth of Sookie: Top Five Female Characters

1. Sookie Stackhouse

It’s not surprising to find that Sookie is in the top five. How could she not be? The series is about her. Told from her point of view, the reader enters the world of Sookie Stackhouse, and experiences her life, the highs and lows, triumphs and turmoils.

Young and beautiful, Sookie is more than just a simple barmaid in a small town in Northern Louisiana. It is not only her ability to read others’ minds that makes her so appealing to the supernatural. It’s not even her small streak of fairy blood, Sookie’s personality and the way she presents herself is both endearing and yet refreshing to see.

Naive and sometimes just a bit ignorant, Sookie stumbles her way through the world of the supernatural, meeting several entertaining (and sometimes yummy) characters. This telepathic barmaid may be anything but simple, but she appreciates and enjoys the simple things in life. With a desire for children and a husband, readers are dying as they wait for Charlaine’s yearly addition to the Sookie Sagas and wonder what exactly is in store for our favorite telepath.

2. Pam Ravenscroft

Eric’s second and closest confidant, Pam makes being friends with a Vampire extremely interesting for Sookie. Described as a young “Alice in Wonderland meets a Vampire”, Pam’s love for the pastels and her suzy homemaker sense of style can sometimes come off as approachable. This, of course, would be a severe mistake. When Eric claims someone is the most vicious Vampire he knows, that’s saying a lot and that title belongs to his fair haired Child.

Nothing about Pam is ordinary. From her love for “Dear Abby” to her favorite pastimes of sewing and shopping, this Vampire is quick-witted, fashion savvy and one who is always up for the task of trying to put Eric in his place. One of the “liveliest” characters, in the books, it is no wonder she, Eric and Sookie all get along so well.

Wanna stay on Pam’s good side? Admire her outfit, stay out of her way and what ever you do, DO NOT RUIN HER HEELS!

3. Claudine Crane

Tall, dark and beautiful, Claudine is probably the sweetest character you will find in this series. She is, after all, working her way up to be an Angel… Though when it comes to Vampires, she’s the chocolate to a chocoholic.

This tall beauty is one of the Crane triplets and is a full Fairy. As Sookie’s Fairy God-Mother, Claudine is forced to come to her rescue time and time again within the series.

Don’t let this Fae’s sweet nature fool you. Like all Fae, Claudine can be vicious and sneaky. It is only by her desire to ascend to becoming an Angel that motivates her to try and control some of her more natural traits.

4. Amelia Broadway

This young witch knows how to stir up more than potions. If she’s casting a spell, you better hope it isn’t on you.

Best known for accidentally turning a partner into a cat during what can only be described as “adventurous” sex, this witch’s history with magic is sketchy at best.

Besides having a history of spells going awry, Amelia is also known for being spoiled and too nosy. Constantly trying to impose her opinions onto Sookie, she’s not afraid to speak her mind (though it doesn’t matter since Sookie can read it).

5. Sophie-Anne LeClerq

This beautiful and deadly Queen is a force to be reckoned with. Paired with her equally vicious and conniving Child, Andre Paul, they are described as the most dangerous teenagers.

Though startled by her cousin, Hadley’s choice in a lover, Sookie has respect for the queen. She recognizes the power this eternally teenage Vampire possesses and the means at which she had to go to obtain it. What she doesn’t appreciate is the Queen’s ways of dealing with such manners.

When threatened with the possibility of losing her Queendom, Queen Sophie-Anne and her children go to the extremes in order to acheive their goal… even as far as to use Sookie as a pawn in the deadly game they play. Power, beauty, riches and eternal life can cause people to become evil… but is it evil or survival when you are a Vampire Queen?