The Growth of Sookie: Top Five Male Characters

1. Eric Northman

Tall, blond and gorgeous, Eric Northman is the desire of any woman’s fantasy.

Good looking, powerful, wealthy and noted for his abundance in “gracious plenty”, it is not a surprise that this Vamp isn’t use to hearing the word no. As calculating and manipulating as he can be, Eric is also noted for having a sense of humor. Alongside with his Child, Pam, they are two of the liveliest characters in the series.

His attraction for a certain blond telepathic barmaid, seems to be the source of many actions throughout the series. He does nothing without reason and will do what he must to obtain what he needs and/or desires. Will Eric beat out the competition? Or will he be on the market for a new “Lover” soon? Only time will tell and in his case, he has all the time in the world.

2. Sam Merlotte

Good ole’ trusty Sam…

What can you say bad about Sam? Probably not much. A pure shifter, yeah… he gets a bit furry during the full moon. But who would hold that against a guy?

As Sookie’s boss and friend, Sam is always a rock for her. Reliable, trustworthy, kind and caring, Sam wants what is best for Sookie and demonstrates it time and time again. While he does still hold a flame for her, this pup is not all about undercutting the competition. Biding his time has kept him in the race this far and there seems to be a chance he could go all the way.

Not much is known about Sam’s past. A former Army soldier, Sam comes to the small town of Bon Temps to set his roots. Maybe he will eventually win the heart of the fair haired barmaid… but if not, there are several women who would gladly allow him to sleep at the foot of their beds…

3. Alcide Herveaux

This handsome were is only one of the many supernaturals that vie for Sookie’s attention.

First introduced in “Club Dead”, this were has been nothing but trouble. While a perfectly nice guy, it is his inability to rid himself of his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Debbie Pelt, that makes him extremely undesirable.

Even after Debbie is forced out of the equation, her presence is always in the shadows. Thus causing concern for other women he later becomes involved in.

Like all the other supes, he tends to manipulate to further his own agenda and forget about how it affects those around them. Though in some instances, one can completely forgive him (i.e. tricking Sookie into coming to the Packmaster competition to help his father).

His most redeeming qualities are that he’s a hard worker, he cares for his pack and his devotion to his family.

3. Bill Compton

Probably the character we all love to hate in this series, Bill has been fighting an uphill battle as he tries for Sookie’s attention.

A veteran of the civil war, this relic of American history can be dull, cruel and rude. On the other hand, he can be loving and risks his life for Sookie several times. While he may not be the Vamp for her, he certainly is trying to be.

Sent by the Queen of Louisiana, Bill’s initial involvement with Sookie was all a ruse. Deceiving her, betraying her and later raping her (though in all fairness, that one wasn’t his fault and you MUST read the books to understand), Bill’s attempts may never work, but you have to at least commend his dedication.

4. Jason Stackhouse

Sookie’s older brother is what you can call a ladies man. Known for his sexual prowess, it comes to no surprise when it is revealed that his streak of fairy has made Jason more “appealing”.

Tall, blond hair and blue eyed Jason, works for the Parish road crew. He’s said to be a fan of fishing and hunting… though usually it seems his favorite prey is women.

Kidnapped and bitten time and time again, Jason is forced to become a bitten were-panther. What this means is that during the full man, he shifts into a hybrid of man and panther. Not truly one of them, he is constantly an outsider with the Hot Shot were-panther community, even when he marries one of his own.

His past always comes up to bite Jason in the rear and he is suspected of several different murders throughout the series. Ironically, Jason is never guilty of anything except for being promiscuous and not always being the nicest man. But that’s not really a crime, now is it?