Experience the Cutting Edge on Friday the 13th!

Halloween is coming early in Texas, courtesy of the Cutting Edge Haunted House. The two-time Guinness World Record Winner for the World’s Largest Haunted House is offering the spooks, ghouls, wizards and vampires a sneak peek at Halloween 2011 on Friday, 13 May, 2011.

Cutting Edge Haunted House is located in an abandoned meat-packing plant built in 1908 in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Although it is not clear whether the Cutting Edge share the location with the former Swift Meat Packing Plant, if it does, this may be a real haunted house.

According to the Texas Hauntings Society, the Swift plant, which was also housed a Spaghetti works restaurant for a while, is home to three ghosts: a little girl, a lady and a Cowboy. The little girl allegedly choked to death in the Ladies Restroom (did anyone else immediately think Moaning Myrtle?). Not much is known about the lady other than she creates cold spots and visitors occasionally catch a glimpse of her on the balcony. The Cowboy frequents a section of the building that used to be a dry goods store, manifesting as eerie lights and strange noises. In addition, the screams of cows are regularly heard.

Is it possible the terrors of the haunted house are hiding true paranormal experiences?

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