A Night in Dallas

Sookie: -Heads back into the bathroom, puts in my earbuds and pressing play on my Zune, before sliding into the water and relaxing-

Eric: -finishes up the calls and puts his phone to the bedside table before stepping into the bathroom, smiling at the view-

Sookie: -opens my eyes and noticing you staring- Something I can help you with?

Eric: Shhhhh..-points to his own ears, letting her know she doesn’t have to shout over her own music to make him hear her-

Sookie: -Removes the earbuds hastily with a small apologetic smile- Opps! I’m sorry.

Eric: -smiles fondly- But yes…you can help me..answer me this..Do you even know what a darling you are?

via A Night in Dallas.

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