Dead Reckoning: A Telepath’s Thoughts

So it has been over a week since the release of “Dead Reckoning” and I have kept my promise of no spoilers. But now this telepath is going to giving you the details on the good, the bad and the weird on this month’s hottest book release (in my opinion of course).

The Good

  • Dermot & Jason
    •  What can you say about this duo? First of all, Jason is pretty much absent throughout the entire book. Sookie mentions him briefly a few times, he’s still with Michelle and he is starting to show signs of aging. This, of course, is becoming a recurring theme throughout the few books and it’s understandable. Being around several beings that never age or age slowly can cause anyone to start focusing on the the signs of aging.
    • As for Dermot… Dermot reminds me of the “special” uncle. He’s not unintelligent, but he’s very quiet and at times he almost seems slow… though more in a way as if his age has become a huge weight on him. Though appreciative of Claude’s trickery, Dermot doesn’t seem quite as deceptive as many of the Fae. In a sense, Dermot almost reminds me of the Fae-version of Bubba. He does, however, have several traits in common with Jason and it’s almost as if you are looking at the older and wiser Jason.
  • Gran
    • It was nice to find Gran’s letter and the cluviel dor. Though already having known the reason behind her grandmother’s discretion with Fintan, to find her grandmother had planned on telling her their truth must have helped Sookie understood even more so the situation. Burdened with the desire to want children, Adele Stackhouse gave into temptation in order to have her greatest desire. As a woman, who also wants children in her future, Sookie should be able to share a sort of insight to her grandmother’s predicament. As many questions as Gran’s letter answers, with it comes more discoveries and questions.
  • Hunter
    • It was nice to see the scene with Hunter. He truly is a wonderful child character in this series and I find it refreshing that he and Sookie have the connection with their telepathy. I will say, I was quite shocked that Sookie read the teacher’s mind and what had been on the woman’s mind. I did, however love her protective nature of that little boy. After a life of listening to unwanted thoughts, I found it refreshing that she would try and avoid from having Hunter exposed to those kind of horrible thoughts. While the teacher probably would have never acted on her impulses, her thoughts would have been torturous to the young boy.
  • Pam
    • Pam was marvelous in this book. It was nice to see another side to Pam. The softer side was brought out by her feelings for a dying human, Miriam. It is only because of Victor’s incessant desire to push Eric, that she is denied the right to turn Miriam. Another nice thing to see with Pam is her clear appreciation for hers and Sookie’s friendship. Even though she knows it will anger Eric, she tries time and time again to give Sookie a head’s up on what is going on with him and just what it is that he is keeping from her
  • Sookie
    • Sookie is back! After Dead in the Family‘s still healing Sookie, it was nice to see our favorite telepathic barmaid finding her way back to her roots. Snarky and a bit stronger from all the wear and tear from the past couple of years, Sookie is learning to stand up for herself and not be so nice all the time. This is best seen when she kicks everyone out of her house (several times actually) in this new book as well as her large part in the planning of Victor’s demise. Sookie has always been a fighter and in a way, she’s becoming a bit more predatory as time progresses. She’s no longer sitting around and waiting for the big bad scary thing to come for her, she’s taking the fight to them and that’s that. Another positive is Sookie has finally embraced her relationship with Eric. She claims to be his wife, tells him she loves him as well and is more considerate to how he sees things, when in the past, she was quick to dismiss him.

The Bad

  • Amelia & the Blood Bond
    • Sookie, Sookie, Sookie… why oh why would you allow Amelia to do a spell on you? Was her blunder with Bob not enough to dissuade you? Obviously not. Amelia returns to the new book and her entire visit brings nothing but trouble. Announcing her discovery of a way to break the blood bond, Sookie jumps at the chance. Acting first, and thinking last, Sookie’s choice has some dire consequences. Though I feel this was a necessary act, I do feel the actual execution was a complete disappoint. The idea that in order to break a blood bond was simple, was just an insult. On top of that, to later claim that Eric knew of a way to end it and never mentioned it was just poorly placed. I think in true Sookie fashion, she did react the way I would expect her to act. She rushed into it and didn’t consider the consequences… something she is known for doing. But all in all, while the act was important to establish their relationship as “true”, the entire scene was poorly played out.
  • Alcide & the Red Underthings
    • Nothing says romantic, like crawling into someone’s bed half naked in order to surprise them after they return home from being with their significant other… In case you think that was a serious statement, I was being sarcastic. This were just has a knack for being hung up on the wrong girls. His timing is never right and his methods are less than appreciable. What’s the worst part about this scenario? Amelia’s part in setting it up. This nosy witch just doesn’t learn. As if interfering with a powerful Vampire’s relationship by breaking his blood bond with his lover wasn’t enough? Nope, not at all. She turns around and informs Alcide that now is his chance to win Sookie once and for all. Though Claude played a part in this endeavor, it is to be expected and I truly don’t fault him for it. He’s known for being devious and I’m not surprised he would participate… but Amelia? This witch has gone too far and I can only hope for Sookie’s sake, she keeps as far away for the rest of the series.
  • Eric
    • This is hard to write, as I am a huge fan of Eric in the series. I wasn’t too fond of his use of Terry as a means to spy on Sookie, but I felt that it made sense. He’s known for doing what he can to further his own agenda and I can’t fault him for wanting to find out more information about her. I can even forgive his secrecy about the Queen of Oklahoma and her “claim” on him to be her consort. Eric is rarely forthcoming with information and something such as this would have hurt and upset Sookie. I do believe his goal was to try and settle the matter as quietly as he could in hopes of getting out of the obligation his Maker left for him. After Victor’s execution at Sookie’s (and Pam’s) hands, Eric does something that is truly horrifying. Angered at her reaction, he feeds from her and is purposefully rough with it. As if that weren’t bad enough, he did it in front of everyone in Fangtasia. In that moment, my love for the gorgeous Viking Vampire turned to disdain and I can only hope he redeems himself in the next book.
  • Sandra Pelt
    • After several books of this vicious Were chasing Sookie, it all comes to an end in the finally pages. This ending, while I feel further left me wanting the next book, seems less than worthy… I’m not sure what I expected, but to make the end so quick and final was yet another scene I felt was a cop out.

The Weird

  • Bob & the Kittens
    • So we all remember the litter of kittens Amelia found and assumed was Bob’s, right? Well, I found it odd that first, Sookie brings up the subject to Sam in order to ease her curiosity over whether or not Bob had been able to reproduce as a cat. But then, upon his visit with Amelia to Bon Temps, he just randomly brings it up without any prodding? Anyone else find that ironic?
  • Fae in Hooligan’s
    • I’m not really sure what’s going on with Hooligan’s. There are some theories floating around… but honestly, this was a tangent that I just don’t see much happening with. It was odd enough to see them “breathe” into one another… but I seriously wonder if this is another dead end that was just thrown in. It clearly didn’t fit in the flow and pacing of the book.
  • The Cluviel Dor & The Essential Spark
    • The cluviel dor was a good concept and I think the thing that bugs me the most about this token of affection, is its ability to completely leave us all guessing as to what will come. Basically with this device available, ANYTHING is up for grabs. The essential spark, on the other hand, was a complete disappointment. The explanation of it was weak and in all honesty, I think it would have been better off being one of those things that just isn’t or couldn’t be explain.

This book has a very good pace and it is an easy read. I thoroughly enjoyed several of the scenes. I am still holding out hope for a future for Eric and Sookie, but I know several others are seeing certain events as a foreshadowing for the end of this dynamic duo. Will our favorite couple make it through? Or will they crash and burn?

Only two more books to go and we are dying to know what is going to happen!