Ghosts (and vampires) at the Millennium Biltmore hotel

Black Dahlia at Millennium Biltmore Hotel
Signature Black Dahlia cocktail

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles was the last place the Black Dahlia was seen alive. Now it seems vampires have been seen there as well, according to The Vault and

The Black Dahlia ghost is said to be a mysterious woman in black seen pacing in the lobby or waiting by the phones. In some cases she has accompanied guests onto the elevator, as well. Perhaps Elizabeth Short is still hoping to find her sister who was reportedly staying at the Millennium Biltmore the last time the Black Dahlia was seen alive. The hotel staff were the last to see Short alive…besides her killer.

More haunting tales of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel emerged after another mysterious death on the property. After hotel guest Laura Finley plunged six stories to her death just before Halloween in 2010, former staff members told The Informer “There are many stories about ghostly presence on the 10th and 11th floor. […] My sister used to work the 10th floor VIP lounge on the floor, and there have been ghost touching and moving stuff around there.” All of which begs the question, why would a VIP ghost bother throwing a regular guest on the 6th floor out the window? Would the ghost even know the 6th floor existed?

We should also probably mention that the Millennium Biltmore Hotel was the actual location used as the Sedgewick Hotel in the 1984 film Ghostbusters. That’s right, this is where Drs. Spengler, Stans and Venckman captured their very first ghost…well, that iconic ecto-plasmic spud, Slimer.

Speaking of filming, the cast and crew of the hit HBO original series True Blood were caught filming in the Millennium Biltmore Hotel last night. Everyone appears to have made it out alive, presuming that’s how they went in. Can’t want to see how they use this legendary hotel built for royalty (Hollywood or otherwise) in 1923. Hard to imagine something quite like in Louisiana.

Like many historic Hollywood hotels the Millennium Biltmore Hotel runs hot and cold. It could be paranormal activity or it could be the stage lights. Maybe it’s both!

Have you stayed at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel? Do you have a ghost story about it. Tell us, we’d love to hear from you!

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