Scream, the Untold Story looks inside horror success

Wes Craven Scream
Wes Craven talks SCREAM

Few horror franchises enjoy the kind of success or cast that Scream has. Wes Craven’s horror-bly funny franchise doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously despite total franchise earnings of nearly half a billion dollars. Fortunately, the folks over at the Biography Channel and Loyal Studios take that level of success very seriously. So seriously they are making a documentary SCREAM, The Untold Story.

The stage doors at the new Loyal Studios stage in Burbank, CA, USA opened recently to admit the brilliant talents of David Arquette, Rose McGowen, Neve Campbell, Bob Weinstein and, of course, the horror master himself, Wes Craven. The first to use Loyal’s latest green screen facility, the Scream cast and crew talked candidly about their experiences with the film that many say turned the horror genre around if not saving it from extinction back in 1996.

Directed by Panic Productions’ Daniel Farrands (he also directed A Haunting in Connecticut) and produced in collaboration with Thommy Hutson, Bob Bekian and Lito Velasco, SCREAM, The Untold Story takes fans deeper into this successful and ground-breaking horror franchise than they have ever gone before. The documentary was shot using a SONY EX1 HD system provided by Pro HD Rentals and crew provided by Loyal Studios.

“We are always honored to work with talents like Wes Craven and Rose McGowan, and the Scream franchise is a great example of how a story can be scary and funny at the same time,”” said Bekian, President of Loyal Studios.

SCREAM, The Untold Story is scheduled to air just in time for Halloween 2011 on A&E’s Biography Channel.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer for Scre4m, the latest film in the Scream franchise which opened in theaters in April.

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