Sleepwalking to Jail

Things seem to be spiraling downward for local lone Were, Tray Dawson. From paying for “company and now spending a night in jail, this Were seems to be asking for trouble.

Yesterday morning, local detective, Andy Bellefleur spotted Tray stumbling through the streets of downtown Bon Temps. Concerned he was drunk, Andy approached the Were. After a few hand gestures and a quick game of “Ring Around the Rosie”, Andy insisted on escorting Tray to the station. Hearing this, the big Were sprinted off and Andy was forced to tackle him to the ground.

Cuffed and confused, Tray was unaware of what was going on as Andy escorted him through the station. Kenya Jones was on duty that evening and was clearly unconvinced with Andy’s accusation that the Were resisted arrest.

Tray was later bailed out by a mysterious dark haired woman. Sources say she may be one of the women under the employment of Claude Crane. This of course raises brows after last week’s tip about his need to pay for company. Is it possible Tray Dawson is becoming addicted to paying for sex? Is this Were on drugs or was he truly sleepwalking?

Well provide the answers to these questions and more as the details become available.